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Preliminary Table of Contents


     The reason for the book, background, history & details necessary for the understanding of the text and photographs.

 THE CHAPTERS  - The WaterWomen

 Chapter 1:



  Chapter 2:


  Chapter 3:

  Reflections of Jeanine Beckham

  Chapter 4:

  Reflections of Harriet Smith

     Harriet moved to Cedar Key in the early 1980's.  She
made a living painting houses, guiding nature tours, and
running the first book store in town.  She also built her
own skiff and started net fishing and claming, eventually
establishing a clam processing center which is now run by
her daughter. Harriet recently retired, and moved to
Costa Rica.

  Chapter 5:


     Heather is Harriet's daughter.  After moving to Cedar
Key she gradually started claming and is now running 
the clam processing facility her mother established.

  Chapter 6:

  Reflections of Diana Topping

     Diana was born in Cedar Key.  She is part of a very large
family which has been fishing in these waters for
generations.  She graduated from Cedar Key High School.
She left for a while to 'see the world.'  When she returned,
she had saved enough money to start her own clam
farming operation.  Diana is now married to a clam farmer,
and is involved full time in clam farming and raising their
new son.

  Chapter 7:


  Chapter 8:


     The chapters are roughly in chronological order - the story and writings  of each waterwoman are an individual chapter.  The writings/stories are original for  each women, and are not in response to interview questions.

     There will be approximately eight to twelve chapters. Each chapter is illustrated with photographs.  Each photograph has a detailed, two to three paragraph description.  This descriptions is distilled from interviews with each waterwoman, which are independent of, and separate from the stories of the waterwomen.

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