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Willie Smith

[2/13/1949 to 7/13/2012]


Willie arrived in Cedar Key, with his buddy Travis McGee, aboard the ‘Busted Flush’ out of Ft. Lauderdale . He was traveling incognito at the time.  Taking a liking to the place, he settled down in a little cottage, nestled among banana trees, and other lush, tropical foliage.  Since he was a founding member of ‘The Reefers’ band, he had not trouble finding gigs in local establishments. In addition to music, painting and graphic design were his other passions, and he pursued them with unending vigor.  His paintings and whimsical creations are treasured parts of several collections, and are on display in obscure nooks and crannies throughout the Cedar Keys.


Willie vigorously denied all the facts and statements in this brief bio.

We miss you Willie!