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Christian Harkness


I like this one an awful lot. It's like a watercolour painting …. Fantastic colours. Blurring the line between photography and painting, superb.     Svend Videbak, Finland

Christian you should play in a rock band cos you rock so hard !!!!!! There is a story in every single one of your photos !!! I only give hugz to womans but now I want to give you hug badly. Chris Ciborowski , Poland

So beautiful! Your ability to show us the sacredness without being sanctimonious about it never fails to amaze me. Everything I've ever said about you ability to photograph women in a way which shows their delicacy and strength applies here -- maybe it applies twice to this one. I always feel so honored to see this work, truly. Jeanne Wells , USA really know how to create a mystery aura about your images....beautiful work      Anna Aichinger , Vienna










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